Road Rage by Local BMW Driver at Westcroft!!!

OE67 UVA - 15th Sep 2018

BEWARE of the driver of a BMW X3, with the registration OE67 UVA

I was bay parking wiith my client on Saturday morning, 15th September, in a secluded and empty part of the Westcroft car park with several rows of empty spaces around. Like numerous driving schools do.

The driver of this BMW purposely drove alongside my car opened his window and aggressively started shouting that learners were not permitted to use this car park. He chose to park his car a couple of bays away. My learner was quite upset by this unprovoked outburst. I got out and went over to the driver, who is about 5’ 6", medium build, late 50's early 60's and a beard, and explained to him that I have as much right to use the car park as anyone.

His manner was aggressive, in my face and no amount of asking him to calm down changed this behaviour. I asked him to go away to which he simply got closer saying "what are you going to do about it?"

He clearly has an issue with learners - even though he was one once!

He clearly has issues with road rage!

It was however, totally unaccpetable behaviour. He was behaving like a playground bully! An old man behaving like some teenage bully - what's that about? Obviously in his mind, his large BMW 4x4 compensates for deficiencies elsewhere. If it wasn't scary it would be funny!

We were not bothering anyone at all and it was none of his business anyway! It is not his place to tell people what they can and can't do. If he has an issue he is more than welcome to complain to the owners of the car park.

He had huge choices of where to park-it is a huge car park with over 300 spaces!. He deliberately chose to drive over to my car for no other reason than to vent his anger and intimidate us just because I was using this car park for training.

I made a police complaint about his behaviour which was very threatening and he ruined the rest of the lesson for my client. I doubt the police will do anything and I am sure he will continue his arrogant, aggressive behaviour towards learners using the car park.

If you see this person beware. He clearly believes he has the right to behave in a despicable threatening manner and interfere with anyone going about their legitimate business, ruining the experience for paying clients!