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Automatic Driving School Reviews for Best Driving Lesson in Milton Keynes & Bletchley

Briony, November 2014 - ZERO FAULTS!

Steve was a fantastic instructor. Every lesson was valuable and he was always very honest with me, which I greatly appreciated. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone. I scored 0 faults and I truly feel that it was down to Steve's clear and thorough teaching. Thank you Steve!


Emah, July 2014

Thanks to Steve's excellent teaching method, I managed to go from zero experience and being a ball of nerves, to quite confidently passing first time in just three months. I had a few ups and downs along the way, so would like to encourage other learners a to not be down hearted if this happens, as it can be part of the process. Just trust in Steve and your own instincts and you will pass with flying colours.


Nida, June 2014

So ecstatic to have passed first time and it is all thanks to Steve! Steve is the BEST driving instructor you will EVER come across. Not only does he teach you how to drive perfectly, but he helps you to overcome any anxieties you may have with driving and indicates the issues that generate those problems. Every time you make a mistake, even if it is the tiniest mistake that you'd think he wouldn't even notice,he gets you to pull up in a safe and convenient place where he then analyses it; explaining why you made that mistake, how and why to prevent it and also addresses the difficulties and issues associated. He tailors the lesson to you and creates the most positive and comfortable atmosphere and genuinely cares about his learners. Not only did I learn how to be a better driver, I learnt how to be more organised from the tips he gave me every now and then.


Shobhana, May 2014

I can't explain how happy i am because I passed my driving test.Steve is such a good instructor who understood my nervousness much better and helped me to become a safe and better driver.He always arrives 10 minutes earlier to the class.when I appeared for the test this time I was more confident of passing.Thanks to Steve.


Abigail, May 2014

I'm thrilled to have passed first time - especially after spending years believing I'd never be able to drive! Steve is the first instructor I've had (of many) who addressed my fears, identified why I was making mistakes and helped me develop into an intuitive driver. His lessons were well structured, his techniques easy to follow and his guidance was always positive. Now I have a new level of independence and confidence on the road!


Deeba, Jan 2014

Steve is an amazing instructor who has a unique style of teaching. Learning with Steve is a beneficial and efficient experience. He is very friendly and helpful. I have always looked forward to the lessons and will sure miss his valuable guidance!