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Denbigh Roundabout

This is a large 3 lane roundabout at the junction of H10 (Bletcham Way) and V7 (Saxon Street). It is a busy junction because of the large retail outlets of ASDA, IKEA, B&Q, TK Max, Argos, Wickes, Halfords and a Major Tesco store not to mention access to Bletchley Town Centre and the football stadium.

In June 2013 a new Layout was introduced at this roundabout. The picture below is an overall view of the lane markings and you can download and print this picture in PDF form using the link on the right.

The roundabout is best explained taking each entry point in turn and this is what I have provided here. Understanding the flow of traffic through this junction will ensure you negotiate it successfully and without incident. One consideration when choosing you approach is to know your intended follow on destination if heading for the two mini roundabouts after the V7 South exit.

I have a page describing those, commonly known as the B&Q roundabouts.

Approaching from:-


Caldecote/A5 (H10 EAST)

Central Bletchley to go V7 North or RIGHT(A5)