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Approaching from Caldecote or the A5 ( ie from H10 East) and planning to go Left towards either Tesco or Central Bletchley is not too difficult.

If you want to go to Tesco, Perry’s, Halfords etc. Then take position in the left lane, all the way to the double mini roundabouts and go left. As shown by the GREEN line.

If you want Central Bletchley you will be turning left but doing it from the Centre Lane and aiming for the Centre Lane when you exit. You can then approach the double mini roundabouts in the centre lane and go ahead to Central Bletchley - see the RED Line. NB. The Middle Lane has a Straight & Left Arrow indicating that the lane forks giving you a choice to go Left or continue straight (to IKEA).

Be Aware: while people get accustomed to this new configuration watch out for those who position in the left lane but really want to go to Central Bletchley. They will make a lane change to the centre lane and often this is a last minute decision without looking first! It regularly leads to road rage by other motorists who then use their horns. Take care and be courteous!

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If you approach in the Right Hand Lane (BLUE LINE) you will see a Straight & a Right Arrow indicating you have the choice to go ahead (to Ikea/Asda) or Right towards the football stadium. When you enter the roundabout you will see the start of a Spiral and you have a choice here either to enter the spiral or keep out of it for turning right (to the football stadium). If you stay out of the spiral the direction arrows indicate you still have the choice of ahead (to Ikea) or right to the football stadium. So here’s the challenge. Using the PDF you may have downloaded already, YOU work out the paths you are permitted to take both from inside the spiral and staying out of the spiral. If you didn’t download the PDF here is the link again. Think about the positions when exiting the roundabout.

If you contact me (using one of the contact forms) I can review what you’ve come up with. Understanding what this roundabout is telling you is KEY to using this type of roundabout. Once you can read the information you need never be confused with spiral roundabouts again.