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Coming from Central Bletchley and planning to go ahead at the B&Q roundabouts and then either ahead at the Denbigh going North to Central Milton Keynes or Right at Denbigh towards A5 and Caldecote. This is best planned before you get to the B&Q roundabouts. The easiest plan is to move into the right hand lane on the dual carriageway which will position you in the centre lane at the B&Q roundabouts. (See the picture below, the red line shows your best path). When you exit from the B&Q roundabouts you will be positioned on the right which gives you an easy choice for going straight or right at Denbigh. At the B&Q roundabout beware of people doing a U-turn (shown by the BLUE dashed line). The new design of the mini roundabouts encourages this action for people wanting to get to B&Q or the industrial estate! You must give way and the learner often doesn’t spot this. You will fail your driving test if the examiner has to intervene because you miss people doing a U-Turn.

If going ahead towards Milton Keynes, position in the middle lane and follow the path shown by the GREEN arrow.

If  going right ( 3rd Exit, towards A5, Caldecote), position in the Right and follow the path shown by the RED line. Note how this path leads you from the inside to the outside as you pass the V7 North! Just go with the lane and you will be able to take the 3rd exit easily. Don’t make the mistake of exiting on the V7 North which is a common error by learners. Count your exits! Spiraling out from the Centre to the Outside of the roundabout often feels unnatural to the learner and the temptation is to resist it but if you do you will come into conflict on the exit! Go with it.

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