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Reviews for Best Driving Lessons in Milton Keynes & Bletchley

Vanitha, April 2019

Thanks to Steve for his advise all the way to my test day. I have passed my driving test. The driving lessons from Steve have been invaluable for me as learn to drive with no previous experience. Steve is always 10 mins early to start the lesson and accommodated days and time that worked for me. Highly recommended anyone wanting to learn driving, Steve is highly professional and great mentor


Kerry, Mar 2019

Steve was absolutely incredible. I was trying to find someone quick and changed from manual to automatic. He managed to take me on quickly and I had two lessons with him. I booked my test. Passed feeling confident and ready to do it on my own. Highly recommend him, he is a kind, patient, and makes you feel comfortable with driving. Thank you so much and it was a pleasure to learn with you 😁


Kate, Dec 2018

All driving lessons were an absolute pleasure with Steve. Along with the needed skills to pass, Steve helped me to feel more confident in driving and decision making on the road. Can recommend him as a professional , experienced, kind and patient driving instructor. Very grateful for all your input throughout my lessons.


Safiya, Dec 2018

I found Steve after giving up trying to learn to drive for 2 years with 3 different instructors who just wanted to teach me how to pass the test but not how to keep the skills after passing the test and driving my own car. Anyone can teach you how to drive but Steve teaches you skills that other instructors just don't. He's patient and figures out what you need to build or work on. I highly recommend him if anyone has tried to pass but has not been successful If it wasn't for Steve I will still be working on getting my driving license. Thanks to him I finally passed!


Tegen, Oct 2018

Thanks to Steve I have just passed my driving test. I have never been the most confident of drivers and have always lacked faith in my ability, however Steve has been so lovely and has boosted my confidence massively, so much so I've passed my test! I have been with other instructors, who are constantly late or cancel lessons, Steve never cancelled and always turned up 10 mins early. Steve genuinely cares, I've had other instructors in the past who seem disinterested and didn't help me reach my full potential, he is a great teacher. Can't thank you enough Steve 😊


Lucy, Oct 2018

Thanks to Steve I have just passed my driving test today and feel on top of the world! I can’t recommend him enough, he has been an amazing instructor in every aspect and has made me really enjoy driving again when I had just about given up. He’s not only passed me, he’s passed my best friend and her friend too! He has never once cancelled or changed a lesson in our whole time together and he’s always turned up at least 10 mins early for every lesson. I really enjoyed his teaching style, calm, reliable, patient, knowledgeable and most importantly he helped me believe in myself. I couldn’t of imagined doing this with anyone else He really is a great guy and I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying there lessons 😀 Thanks again Steve 😀


Jordan, Oct 2018

I’d just like to say a massive thank you to Steve! He’s an amazing instructor, very calm and patient and also explains things fantastically. I started from scratch with 0 experience and I passed first time with only 3 minors. This really wouldn’t of been possible without him and I’m glad he was recommended to me. Steve always arrived 10 mins early and adjusted each lesson to my needs and what I needed to focus on. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anybody who is wanting to learn how to drive 😀


Bree, Oct 2018

Steve is the most amazing instructor! He is so knowledgeable, patient and calming. I passed first time and there was no chance of that without Steve. He has this wonderful way of turning you from a "learner to a driver". Steve has this fantastic way of getting you to feel relaxed and calm and feel like your driving is second nature, Steve is 100% the best instructor ever.


Maryam, Aug 2018

Anyone can teach you how to drive but Steve teaches how to confidently make good choices while sharing road with other road users. I passed my test first time and owe my success solely to him. I started from scratch and he built up my driving skills; he is calm, patient, excellent temperament, addresses individual needs according to each learner and tailors the driving journey accordingly. Arrived always ten minutes before class time, and made good productive use of every class. A definite value for money. I never saw him frustrated on my repetitive mistakes, he always explains you with examples and scenarios to make the mistake a chance to learn and to be a safe driver. Anyone who wants to be a confident and safe driver even after passing the exam, should definitely contact Steve and stop wasting time and money elsewhere. I don’t have enough words to thank him.


Jade, July 2018

I can not recommend Steve enough, I wouldn’t of passed with out him. After trying 2 different driving schools I felt like giving up, but after being recommended to call Steve he made me feel confident again. I passed second time with only 4 minors. Steve always remained calm even when I made some silly decisions. Thank you for all your help I can’t thank u enough.


Anna, June 2018

I cannot recommend Steve enough! I Think a pass 1st time round with 3 minors speaks for itself! 😊 He helped me become a confident and SAFE driver. Thanks to him I am on the road within 8 weeks of starting my lessons! 😊 Lessons themselves were a pleasure. Even on a bad day (and I've had quite a few 😂) Steve would be ever so patient and constructive. Makes you feel at ease, which is always a good thing as being a learner can be quite stressfull as is! Thank you Steve if it wasn't for you I doubt I'd have my licence by now. 😁😁😁😁


Vrinda, March 2018

Thanks a ton to Steve - an exceptional driving instructor. Without his help, I could have not passed the test first time.He is very calm,patient, friendly, always comes at least 10 minutes before the lesson,knows his student’s strengths and weaknesses and works with it. He tailors his lessons and adapts the teaching style as per learner’s needs. To sum it up, it’s value for money and an enjoyable learning experience- guaranteed!


Shanofer, March 2018

Massive thanks to Steve for helping me get my driving license. I can't recommend Steve highly enough. He not only taught me to drive safely and pass my test but has also taught me, how to drive confidently "Like a driver and not a learner". I had driving lessons previously but as soon as I started with Steve, I realised that I hadn't learned much at all. I had a fear of driving fast (Anything above 25 was fast for me) but he was very patient, always reassured me and told me that I have the skills to do this and helped me trust my instincts. Unlike other instructors, he always came at least 10 minutes early and started the lessons straight away. He always tailored lessons to address and improve the areas I was weak and introduced new challenges as soon as I got comfortable. If you are looking to learn to drive safely and get the value out of your money at the same time, you should definitely give him a call.


Naeimeh, Feb 2018

I definitely recommend Steve! He is one of the best, I had few months sessions with another instructor, but I couldn’t pass the test! Just few sessions with Steve made up my confident. He is very positive and professional. If you do errors he explains the reason to you and helps to find out the way to fix it, the main thing that helped me to improve my driving. He knows what he’s doing, just trust him. I’ve really enjoyed my lessons with him. First time I passed the test. Thank you Steve for being such a positive and professional instructor.


Zuzana, Jan 2018

Steve is the best instructor ever. My previous instructor teach me one year and wasn't still ready to pass my practical test. After 1 month with Steve I passed. He teach me be confident and make good decisions on a road. He is excellent instructor and very nice person. Steve, thank you very much.


Natalja, Jan 2018

Steve is an excellent instructor. He is patient, explains everything very well , 50 times the same thing if necessary and arrives 10-15 minutes before the lesson starts. I was very nervous to start with but he helped me to believe in my ability and overcome fears. He made me feel safe, comfortable and we had a bit of a laugh at every lesson. I would absolutely recommend him to anyone. Thank you so much Steve!


Skaiste, Dec 2017

I enjoyed learning to drive with Steve. We got on well during the lessons, where I became a confident and safe driver. Have to mention that I never had any driving lessons in the past and I passed my test first time. I would like to recommend Steve to anyone!


Meera, Oct 2017

I’ve been attempting to learn to drive on and off for the past 20 years and each time I simply gave up. I was unteachable. I had a lot of confidence issues and the longer I left it, the harder it became. As the years have rolled on, the more my children and I have missed out, as not driving in MK can be very socially isolating. Steve started teaching me earlier this year and his encouraging style, patience and pragmatic approach gave me the confidence to keep going. No one lesson was the same. He varies the pace and places we go to; challenges you without making you feel incapable and allows you to get over the fear and enjoy the driving experience. Steve also provide excellent value as he picks you up at least 10 mins before the lesson and often drops off after your time is up. On Tuesday 24 Oct, I passed my test on my first attempt. This is all down to Steve and I can’t thank him enough for what he has done. He has worked miracles. I can truly recommend Steve if you want someone to teach to drive properly and with confidence during and after the test. Thank you Steve


Raluca, Sep 2017

I first started learning how to drive with another big company in Milton Keynes, however they were not helping me and even expected me to know what I want to learn every session. How would I know?! Steve picked me up when I was feeling down and gave me hope, hope that learning how to drive is easy and fun and I was always looking forward to my lessons. Steve is a dedicated tutor, patient, funny and interested in his students. He is tailoring the lessons for each and every one of us as everyone has different styles of learning. I couldn’t recommend Steve enough! [Editor: Raluca's comment "even expected me to know what I wanted to learn" is one technique from Coaching. It's part of the DVSA's new push into Client Centred Learning. However many instructors don't really understand Coaching as training courses for instructors in Coaching are grossly inadequate. However, I am one of a few in the UK that have a post graduate certficate in Coaching for Driver Development and use this technique effectively. See my page: Coaching - What does it mean? ]


Nagham, Aug 2017 - ZERO FAULTS!

My success in the test was all thanks to Steve. Definitely one of the best instructors, very professional, patient and very clever to point out any errors. A very enjoyable experience and overall the best. Thanks so much Steve for being my driving instructor.


Kalyani, June 2017

First I would like to say a big thanks to Steve for helping me to pass the test. Steve is an outstanding instructor with lots of patience and very professional. He always arrived on time, actually a little earlier that tells his dedication. Each and every class is different and more challenging and the way he explains things builds more confidence to be a safe driver. I highly recommend him to anyone who is going to start their driving lessons.


Maria, May 2017

I want to say a huge thank you to Steve for having so much faith in me. He has helped me so much with my confidence by always challenging me and showing me that I really can do it. Steve didn't just teach me to pass a test but helped me to learn how to be a safe and good driver when I get out on the road on my own. He is friendly, patient, always on time and accommodating to my schedule. He put so much effort into understanding me and what type of person I am to really be able to help me become a better driver. I would definitely recommend Steve to anyone, he is the best instructor and I am very grateful for everything he has done for me!