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Anyone can teach you to drive.

Teach you confidence - that’s what I do!

Approaching the Denbigh Roundabout from H10 West (ie. From IKEA / ASDA ) you will be faced with three lanes. The LEFT Lane only goes LEFT onto V7 north towards the stadium & Central MK so is easy to deal with.

If you plan to go AHEAD (towards a5 or Caldecote) I have marked with a RED arrow your easiest path. Take up position in the CENTRE lane on approach then aim for the OUTSIDE lane in the roundabout - NOT the centre lane in the roundabout - if you want to avoid a collision with anyone on your right also aiming for the centre lane!

If you are heading for Central Bletchley, Tesco, the RETAIL PARK entrance or Fenny Stratford you need to approach in the RIGHT Lane, shown by the GREEN line. When you enter the roundabout you have a choice of position, either the CENTRE LANE (Marked A) or the INSIDE LANE (Marked B). If you position in the Centre Lane ( A ) you will be correctly positioned when you exit to go left at the double mini roundabouts, towards Tesco. Be CAUTIOUS however because there are many people who don’t understand this layout and they approach in the centre lane (The RED  Line) and then aim

for the CENTRE lane (A) in the roundabout! This is WRONG. You will FAIL your test if you are not alert to people on your LEFT making this error and the examiner has to take action to avoid a collision! It will be no good you blaming someone else for making the error in their use of the roundabout - it is your Responsibility to see it happening and avoid it!!! That’s what the driving test is all about!

If you are heading for Central Bletchley at the double mini roundabouts then choose the inside lane (B) and this will position you for the middle lane of the exit perfect for Central Bletchley at the double mini roundabouts.

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