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Dealing with B&Q Roundabouts in Bletchley on your Driving Test.

The infamous B&Q Roundabouts were redesigned in March 2012 and this guide explains how best to tackle them.

There is a picture of the new design below, plus you can download and print a pdf version to study at your leisure.

The re-design has solved one problem but introduced others. The awkward U-Turn at the second roundabout to get to B&Q makes it risky when you approach from the Town Centre direction towards the Denbigh Roundabout because as you plan to enter the roundabouts you need to be especially careful of people coming round! You can't always be sure where they are going and that awkward U-turn happens often.

If you're heading for Central Bletchley from the H10, Bletcham Way (from Asda, Ikea side) or from V7, CMK side (ie from the Stadium ) it is important you understand the new design because it affects the way you approach. At the two mini roundabouts you used to be able to go to Central Bletchley from either the left or middle lane. The left lane however only goes left now (towards Tesco). If you want Central Bletchley you need either the middle lane or right hand lane, and it is important you stay in those lanes through the mini roundabout and exit onto the dual carriageway still in the lane you chose! I have drawn red arrows on the diagram to show the path you need to take. If you are in the right hand lane when you enter the mini roundabout, exit in the right hand lane on the dual carriageway and then return to the left after you have left the roundabout and built your speed up on the dual carriageway.

To ensure you are correctly positioned for the mini roundabouts if heading for Central Bletchely, you need to set up your path before entering the big roundabout (Denbigh Rbt). On approach either from Asda/Ikea or Stadium, position so you can easily enter the double mini roundabouts in either the middle lane or right hand lane. If you accidentally enter in the left lane you have about 150m to make a lane change or you will have to go to Tesco! If you decide to change lanes, make sure you check your mirrors and blind spot to be sure the middle lane isn't already occupied - it more than likely will be! If you're on a driving test and you don't check, you run a big risk of failing! If you can't make that lane change, then don't! Go left and do a U-turn at the Tesco roundabout then come back and go left!

B&Q Roundabouts